BofC Live

BofC Live with Steven Fry and Darryl Allen, Sessions Cannabis from Cova Software

Episode Summary

The Business of Cannabis team moderated a conversation with Steven Fry and Darryl Allen of Sessions Cannabis. On the eve of wider retail cannabis roll out in the Province of Ontario, Cova Software held an informational event for would-be retailers - which is where this conversation took place.

Episode Notes

Cova Software is a preeminent point of sale software for cannabis retailers. During this event for would-be retailers put on by Cova Software, Jay Rosenthal of Business of Cannabis spoke with Steven Fry and Darryl Allen of Sessions Cannabis about their experience starting a cannabis retail store in Hamilton, Ontario. Steven Fry's story about winning Ontario's retail cannabis lottery has been captured in a well-read piece in Toronto Life titled: Confessions of a Legal Pot Dealer

Anne Forkutza of Cova Software joins Jay for the introduction of the podcast.