BofC Live

BofC Live with Kyle Sherman, Flowhub from MJBizCon 2019

Episode Summary

Held annually in Las Vegas, MJBizCon is largest B2B cannabis business conference and expo in the world. Business of Cannabis was on hand to connect with key leaders in the sector to gain insight and perspective on the current state of the industry. Kyle Sherman, founder + CEO of Flowhub sat down with Business of Cannabis to talk about their technology, their start-up story and where their solution fits in the cannabis landscape.

Episode Notes

Flowhub  technology is a point-of-sale system for cannabis retailers that marries up retail systems with compliance and business operations/management. Kyle Sherman is Flowhub's founder and CEO and he spent time with Jay Rosenthal of Business of Cannabis at MJBizCon 2019 to share Flowhub's start-up story, how he has witnessed the industry develop and change and where the future of cannabis is headed in 2020.