BofC Live

BofC Live with Curt Robbins from MJBizCon 2019

Episode Summary

Held annually in Las Vegas, MJBizCon is largest B2B cannabis business conference and expo in the world. Business of Cannabis was on hand to connect with key leaders in the sector to gain insight and perspective on the current state of the industry. Curt Robbins, industry teacher, writer and leader, joined Business of Cannabis to talk about the show, the industry and what 2020 may hold for the US.

Episode Notes

Curt Robbins is a well-known and well-respected voice in the cannabis industry - having been part of it for two decades.  He has joined Business of Cannabis previously, but sat down with Business of Cannabis co-founder and president Jay Rosenthal at MJBizCon 2019  for their first face-to-face conversation. The conversation ranged from the future of cannabis in the US to a deep dive into CBG, "the mother of all cannabinoids