BofC Live

BofC Live with Andrea Dobbs of the Village Bloomery

Episode Summary

The Business of Cannabis team traveled to Vancouver in advance of a Canadian cannabis industry event in January 2020. Along the way, the team stopped into the Village Bloomery, a long-time cannabis shop in Vancouver. This podcast features Village Bloomery co-founder Andrea Dobbs, who is a well-respected cannabis advocate and business person in both the Vancouver and Canadian cannabis landscape.

Episode Notes

Having made the transition from the legacy market to the newly regulated market, Village Bloomery in Vancouver, BC is a retail cannabis shop with a deep history. That history has allowed the co-founders, Jeremy Jacob and Andrea Dobbs, to continue to serve a diverse and loyal audience, but also have a unique perspective on what is good, and very challenging, about the current industry. In this conversation, Andrea Dobbs shares her perspective about how the regulated cannabis retail and consumer experience could be improved and what her customers - both old and new - are saying about the current state of affairs.